10 good reasons to work with us

Further development

Continuous learning and personal development around topics like Microsoft, technology, cloud, and many more are our top priority. We offer you many training, courses, and certificates to support your professional and personal development and keep you up-to-date.

Varied workplace

Boredom? Not so much. With us, rarely is one day the same as another. Our team has been serving a diverse portfolio of international clients for 20+ years. Due to the daily new tasks and challenges, you can benefit from a diverse, cultural, and business know-how.

Freedom & autonomy

Freedom and autonomy are vital to us. With us, you can decide and work in a self-determined and self-organized way so that you can create enough space and balance for yourself. Considering your customers' needs, you can flexibly arrange your time and work independently of location and time.

Transparency in the workplace

We promote transparency both within our organization and towards external stakeholders. We believe in maintaining open communication and avoiding any hidden information. Our priority lies in ensuring that our customers have a clear understanding of our company's operations, fostering a collaborative relationship based on equality.

Many great benefits

To make your everyday life as pleasant as possible and ensure that you are well cared for, we offer you several benefits, such as meal vouchers, the Q-19 card, and even the Wiener Linien annual pass.

Social commitment

Everyone can do something good! We are socially committed and help projects that serve a useful purpose. We are convinced that our support makes the world a little better.

Diversity & openness

Due to our diverse team and customer structure, diversity is not a foreign word for us. Instead, for us, it means the recognition and appreciation of all people. Diversity, openness, and individuality are firmly anchored in our corporate culture, and we value all people with their rough edges.

Creative freedom & personal responsibility

We focus on creative freedom and personal responsibility because we are convinced that creative freedom creates an environment for you in which the feel-good factor is right. That's why it's important to us that you realize your full potential and take responsibility for your work.

Modern office with good public transport connections

Our modern and well-equipped office with professional office infrastructure and kitchen offers you perfect harmony between work and leisure. On top of that, we are easy to reach by public transport.

We are a team

We are a small and motivated team that treats each other well and helps each other. No matter if you join us as a software developer or consultant - when you come to us, we treat you openly and honestly.

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